Nest Thermostat Installation

The next generation of smart energy has hit homes up and down the country. One of the standouts products for us is the Nest Thermostat, which learns to adapt the temperature in your home in line with user behaviour. Not only does it get to know you’re preferred room temperature when you’re at home, it turns itself off when you’re away and can even compensate for how insulated your home is. It also takes the weather into account, and it’s constantly learning and adapting to help balance comfort and energy savings.

Following installation by one of our trained Nest Pro’s, who will make sure your device is fitted in the right location, connect the Heat Link and complete a full set up, simply alter the temperature in line with your daily needs for just seven days and then watch as Nest takes note and starts to build up your schedule. The Nest Thermostat uses inbuilt sensors and location settings on your phone to track when you leave the house, using eco temperature settings to save energy until your return. There’s also the option to remotely control temperature settings at all times from your laptop, smartphone or tablet, so if your schedule changes you’ll still arrive to a warm home.

Nest also comes with a hot water schedule, allowing you to control your hot water tank from the app too. So if you’re on your way home in the cold, you can schedule extra hot water for a shower to warm up. Never forget to turn the water off again, Nest will do it for you.

Check up on your energy usage and see just how much you’ve used each day in the Energy History section. You’ll even get monthly home reports which highlight days and times when your consumption has been at its highest and tips on how to bring this down. Change your habits effectively and drop the temperature a little and Nest will reward you with a leaf. The Leaf will appear at different temperatures for different families and is a further tool to help you save.

Customise your Nest Thermostat with a choice of coloured rings and watch as it lights up as you walk in the room, showing you the temperature, weather or time. Nest will also keep you updated on the safety status of your pipes. If it gets to cold that your boiler can’t react, Nest will send an alert to your phone letting you know that your pipes could burst, allowing you to act before costly repairs might be needed.

Sync your thermostat with other Nest products – they’re all made to work together. For example, if your Nest Protect device sense carbon monoxide or smoke, your Nest Thermostat can display an alert, it could also shut down your heating should it need to prevent the danger from spreading.  

Nest Heat Link works alongside your boiler, connecting wirelessly to control the temperature of your house. It then sends instructions to the Nest Thermostat to turn the thermostat on and off in order to modulate the heat.

Since 2011, the Nest Thermostat has been installed in millions of homes worldwide and is compatible with most central heating systems.